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Klivvr is granted final approval from the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to launch its widely anticipated app and pre-paid card in partnership with Arab African international bank, in line with the CBE’s strategy of financial Inclusion in Egypt.

Cairo – November 2022

Approval has been given by the CBE to Dot for electronic payment solutions to launch its app and prepaid card under the brand Klivvr, following the CBE’s focus on the development of the financial technology sector, and its nation-wide strategy of enhancing financial inclusion.

Klivvr is granted final approval from the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)

The launch of financial technology (fintech) services comes in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision of digital transformation, allowing all citizens to obtain financial services that suit their needs, which ultimately leads to economic growth for both individuals and the country.

Onsi Sawiris, chairman of Orascom Financial Holding (OFH), the readiness shown by the Egyptian youth to adopt emerging financial technology services gives Klivvr the opportunity to not just be a part of the CBE’s vision of financial inclusion, but also paves the way for us to compete on a regional, and global, scale.

As expressed by Nils Bachtler, Klivvr’s Chairman, expressed his happiness at obtaining the final approval from the CBE to launch the Klivvr app and card, which primarily aims to participate in promoting the digital transformation of the Egyptian economy, in line with The CBE’s strategy of achieving financial inclusion by providing quick and smart solutions for payment. Nils has also added that Klivvr’s services are still in the testing phase before being offered to customers.

Haitham Al-Maayergy, AAIB’s Assistant Managing Director and CEO of Group Operations and Banking transformation, said, “we are pleased with our distinguished partnership with the CBE and Klivvr to launch this service.” He adds that this service is one that is in line with the bank’s strategy to achieve technological development, providing banking services that suit the needs of different customers. He iterates, “we are keen to work efficiently and with agility to provide innovative solutions with appropriate alternatives, in accordance with the developments of the current banking market, and support the CBE’s strategy for financial inclusion, as well as Egypt’s 2030 vision.” Al Maayergy asserts that Klivvr is a new financial experience that targets young customers, encouraging them to use the most advanced technological solutions instead of the traditional account opening systems and payment transfer methods.

As stated by the Head of Banking Services and Financial Inclusion at AAIB, Dina Zakri: “this partnership is a step towards supporting financial inclusion, since Klivvr targets a wide segment of society, the most important of whom are the youth looking for smart ways to control and monitor their expenses without the need to go to the bank.” She said that this is a way to provide advanced digital payment solutions easily and safely, in order to reduce cash dealings and facilitate dealing with electronic methods provided by the bank and in support of the CBE’s digital transformation goals. This, in turn, aims to facilitate banking services and reach the largest number of customers to keep up with the developments of the Egyptian market and under the directions of the Central Bank of Egypt.

Ahmed Nafie, CEO of MDP, also stated: “MDP’s strategic partnership with the Arab African International Bank and Klivvr comes to support and develop digital financial solutions provided to the Egyptian market through our support to our customers in developing their products running on our integrated system for digital payment solutions; Where the company plays the role of an integrated provider for entities in the field of financial technology with smart cards and electronic payment solutions, adding that we are continuing to develop the solutions that we offer in the field of financial technology, which provides our partners with flexibility and the ability to meet the changing needs of their customers.

The Klivvr app provides users with many advantages, including the issuance of a free prepaid card for use online and in stores, as well as withdrawals from ATMs inside or outside Egypt. The app provides an integrated payment experience, with one tap, without the need for a bank account.

It’s worth noting that the Klivvr Card was launched in partnership with Masria Digital Payments (MDP), enabling the issuance of cards, as well as transaction processing services.

Klivvr customers will be able to transfer and receive money and control their prepaid accounts, through a money management service that allows them to view their finances easily and conveniently.

The Klivvr app targets a wide segment of society, the most important of which are young people who are looking for smart ways to control and monitor their expenses without the need to go to the bank to open a bank account.

About Klivvr

Klivvr is an Egyptian startup, a subsidiary of Orascom Financial Holding (OFH) in partnership with Excel systems, and is the first of its kind in the field of Digital Financial Solutions. Klivvr simulates the best digital methods of the largest global financial institutions, in order to provide a digital financial service that contributes and positively impacts the development of the financial sector in Egypt, while facilitating financial transactions for all. Klivvr’s goal is for everyone to enjoy financial freedom, and its role is to provide all the tools and resources needed to make financial services better for everyone.

About MDP

MDP is the leading card issuance platform. Headquartered in Cairo, with an overseas presence in more than 40 countries globally, MDP enables businesses to roll out their financial solutions through digital methods for end-to-end payment processes. From designing and issuing personal cards to digital transactions, MDP has been a market leader for over 30 years, and is a recognized entity for accelerating payments with a technology-driven approach. MDP's strategy keeps pace with the global movement of innovative, scalable and secure FinTech solutions, which provides multiple and seamless customer experiences.