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Hassle-free and secure payments anytime and anywhere

Seamlessly spend, send and receive money with one tap. All done securely.

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Send and receive money simply through klivvr application

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Send and receive money instantly, with no hidden fees.

Instantly pay and get paid, anywhere with no hidden fees. Just search for your friend’s unique Klivvr name, or by entering their mobile number, select the amount and send. No bank details required.

Your money is secured with klivvr as it’s authorized by CBE and PCI

Spend with confidence. Your money is protected.

Just like any other financial institution, Klivvr is fully authorized by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).

As a PCI-certified institution, we go the extra mile to secure your finances through industry-leading fraud prevention systems and comprehensive smart encryption.

klivvr usder adding money through the app

Easily add money with any bank card on your Klivvr app.

Simply connect your preferred bank cards to the app and pre-set or customize the amount. Add as many accounts as you want, and choose which one you’d like to set as your primary method.

learn your spending patterns with klivvr app

Make sense of your purchases

By visualizing your expenses, you can learn your spending patterns and improve your financial wellbeing.

We’ll help you identify areas to cut back or areas where you can have a little more fun, all through our helpful dashboards that track your purchases as you make them.

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