Omar Sherif

Omar Sherif is the Chief Technology Officer of Klivvr.

Omar leads all aspects of Engineering and Technology Innovation at Klivvr: Engineering, Development, Architecture, DevOps, Data, Product POCs, and R&D. Before joining Klivvr, Omar spent one year and a half as the CTO at Nexta Digital Payments.

Omar brings a decade of experience in product innovation, pilot implementation, and solutions architecture to Klivvr's product development team. He has previously served as a senior cloud architect in the CTO function for one of the largest teams within Microsoft, GSMO DTP (Global Sales, Marketing, and Operations for Innovation and Digital Transformation). He has also played a key role at OMS, a Microsoft Golden Partner, where he architected and implemented hybrid and cloud products for public sector ministries in Egypt and Dubai.

As a technology leader, with over 15 years of experience in delivering business change and solving business pains, the application of the latest technology across software development, the Internet of Things, infrastructure, mobile, and cloud solutions is at the top of his performance priorities.

With a reputation for innovative, strong, and practical solutions, he has successfully increased the growth of each business he has worked with. The delivery of simple yet exceptional technology roadmaps and architectures has allowed him to deliver broad sets of technologies, define strategies and architectures, and build and manage teams, all in addition to operating the technologies at scale.

Each project has had its environment, from startups to large world-renown corporations, ranging from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. So, after my numerous experiences in various domains, he decided to take on a different challenge, brought his strong technical knowledge to the forefront, and joined a financial services startup as a CTO. This domain-based industry differed greatly from his previous experiences that were based on serving different domains

Omar Sherif